Andrew Cope

Internet Architect, IT Leader

(301) - 338-1841

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Over 15 years of IT leadership experience with a consistent track record of driving increased levels of productivity, profits and internal/external customer satisfaction. Recognized as an industry expert among web development professionals and other IT leaders, by having a deep understanding of the pieces and process involved in building and operating a web presence of any scale.


Internet Architect

Consistently delivers best in class software and integration solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Lead Developer

Proven ability to lead and manage a wide variety of development projects in team and independent situations.

Business Analyst

Provides deep understanding of site usage patterns and user experience based on industry proven technology.


  • PCI SSC Internal Security Assessor (ISA)
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) program
  • CompTIA A+ certified ID: COMP001004481253
  • Previously held a Department of Defense SECRET security clearance, Interim TOP SECRET
  • Diverse background in many modern computing and networking technologies
  • Excellent teacher/trainer, with emphasis on client satisfaction and productivity
  • Associate degree in Computer Science, numerous other self-study, military and civilian courses


  • Ansible
  • Chef
  • Bash
  • Jenkins
  • Github/Gitlab
  • PagerDuty
  • Docker
  • Vagrant
  • Rackspace

Programming Languages

  • Java
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Golang
  • Rust
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • RPG


  • Spring/Struts
  • Hibernate/MyBatis
  • Swing/JavaFX
  • Zend/Pear/Composer
  • Laravel/Symfony
  • Express/Connect
  • jQuery
  • Requirejs
  • Backbone/underscore


  • MS Sql Server
  • MySql
  • Postgres
  • DB2
  • sqlite
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Memcached
  • Hadoop

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • OSX
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile/CE
  • HP-UX
  • iSeries
  • AIX


Exclamation Labs

DevOps Lead

October 2015 - Present

  • Manager of the web operations team for Gerber Life Insurance at Exclamation Labs
  • Conceptualized and presented long term roadmaps for IT Operations strategy
  • Standardized configuration management practices by designing an Infrastructure as code solution using software version control tools to track system configuration changes
  • Designed and delivered a containerized asset deployment workflows using modern technologies such as Docker, Ansible, and Vagrant
  • Reduced mean time to recovery (MTTR) of downtime incidents by building out strategies and play-books to support on call staff and operations team
  • Employed NewRelic platform monitoring tools to provide visibility into server and network performance
  • Performed detailed audit analysis and remediation in support of PCI compliance program and Nestle Global standards
  • Attended conferences and training seminars learning valuable skills from industry leading professionals
  • Assisted organizers of the #techgap2016 Western Maryland IT Center of Excellence conference
  • Created and presented on The Culture of Devops at #techgap2017 Western Maryland IT Center of Excellence conference
  • Architected a multi-vendor delivery platform for production assets providing independent development teams a common packaging target and software delivery workflow
  • Evangelized DevOps methodologies by bringing together management, operations and development teams using agile processes
  • Created and presented operational status reports reflecting performance against various SLA metrics and KPIs
  • Managed operating budgets across multiple projects and teams

Exclamation Labs

Sr. Web Developer

May 2008 - October 2015

  • Manager of the web development team for
  • Acted as senior developer for, (a previous version), (a previous version),,, (a previous version) and many other sites
  • Maintained a big picture view of all operations from Product Development, SEO and Analytical Reporting, down to System Administration and Server Operations
  • Directed development of numerous large scale development projects involving geographically distributed teams, and outside resources
  • Successfully launched many projects that have had a significant positive impact for Gerber Life Insurance leading to increased sales, better customer retention and internal productivity including: eService, Gerberlife Agent Portal, First time payment microsites, Mobile direct to consumer sites, pages and applications, and numerous marketing endeavors
  • Trained development teams on modern web development technologies and best-practices for many technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, PHP and SQL
  • Utilized cloud based solutions and customized tooling to support numerous marketing and IT projects
  • Created project proposals, requirement specifications, and statement of work documents for multiple clients
  • Completed highly customized tracking and analytics implementations using IBM Coremetrics, and Google Analytics. Sometimes working directly with Google engineers to implement undocumented features
  • Developed ETL and migration scripts to support backend reporting and analysis
  • Designed and presented cutting edge solutions to upper management of Gerber Life Insurance Company for server environment management and software development practices
  • Conducted static code analysis and dynamic scanning ensuring code compliance in accordance with OWASP and other security best practices

Biederlack Of America

Network Administrator & Webmaster

January 2006 – April 2008

  • Performed complete rewrite of (now defunct) using RPG, PHP, JavaScript, and DB2 Native SQL on an iSeries (AS/400) midrange platform.
  • Implemented and customized (also defunct) a full service ecommerce platform based on osCommerce, providing direct sales of merchandise and real-time inventory checks to backend AS/400 system
  • Designed, installed and managed connectivity solutions for corporate wide area and local area networks over Ethernet, Twin-Axe, Fiber Optic, VPN links, and Wireless topologies
  • Active Directory interfacing other third party equipment to provide single-sign-on solutions
  • iSeries Administration, including PTF installs, DB2 maintenance, Zend PHP installs, SSHD implementations, Web Sphere setups, and other miscellaneous maintenance
  • Maintained various business systems including Kronos time keeping systems, custom built point of sale systems, and Human resource systems
  • Programmed and implemented Microsoft Windows Scripts to speed logins and automate routine tasks
  • Performed ISP migrations, including in-sourcing of e-mail, DNS, web servers, and Domain management
  • Conducted wireless site surveys, and implementations for factory personnel and mobile warehouse inventory control equipment
  • Migration of LXE 802.11b WEP networks to Cisco Aironet 802.11g WPA Enterprise tied to Microsoft Active Directory via IAS/RADIUS
  • Disaster recovery and capacity planning for international branch office connectivity, using VPN’s and load balancing techniques
  • Security vulnerability and penetration testing using Cisco IDS, Nmap, Wireshark (ethereal), and other utilities

US Navy (Submarines)

Fire Control Technician, Second Class

February 2001 - January 2006

  • Performed calibration, adjustments, and tests on submarine fire control, weapons guidance and launcher systems, optical alignment equipment, and other basic electronic circuits
  • Operated, repaired and maintained all electronic and associated computer equipment involving underwater target engagement and avoidance systems
  • Utilized all available resources to provide uninterrupted availability of services to users during wartime conditions, where outside support was limited or unavailable
  • Coordinated projects between multiple contractors during weapon systems installations and maintenance
  • Provided support for all components of the SIPRNET, NIPRNET and tactical networks onboard USS Oklahoma City
  • Served as RPPO which provides logistical support and inventory control to the Fire Control department and also supported the ship-wide Naval Logistics system for all other departments
  • Worked with developers from Johns Hopkins APL providing support and user feedback for experimental government software
  • Assisted in trials for the US Navy Unmanned Underwater Vehicles program
  • Qualified as Chief Weapons Handling Supervisor providing direct oversight for loading and unloading operations of ADCAP Torpedoes and Tomahawk Missiles

Biederlack Of America

PC Coordinator

May 1999 - February 2001

  • Provided desktop support to over 150 users, utilizing various hardware and operating system combinations
  • Educated users on a range of software products including Microsoft Office products and custom manufacturing software
  • Repaired and reloaded a wide variety of personal computer systems as well as specialized servers
  • Increased life cycles of legacy equipment by repairing, upgrading and re-implementing

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